Mary Thorn Of Lakeland Was Told By The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission Earlier This Year That Her Alligator, Rambo, Would Have To Be Moved To A Larger Property Or Surrendered To Authorities.

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21 (UPI) -- Wildlife officials in Florida have ruled to allow a woman to keep her ATV-riding pet alligator after months of uncertainty about the reptile's future. Mary Thorn of Lakeland was told by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission earlier this year that her alligator, Rambo, would have to be moved to a larger property or surrendered to authorities. Thorn, who has had Rambo for more than a decade, said the commission changed state regulations to require alligators of her pet's size -- nearly 6 feet long -- to be kept on properties with at least 2.5 acres of land. Thorn said Rambo, who was rescued as a baby after being kept in dark and cramped conditions, would have difficulty in a sanctuary setting because he is accustomed to life with people and dogs and he has a sensitivity to light. "He's like my son. He's my family," Thorn said earlier this year. "He's not a normal gator. He has never been a normal gator." The FWC notified Thorn this month that it had accepted her request for them to make an exception to the gator-keeping rules due to Rambo's unique situation. The ruling came with some strict conditions, including a ban on showcasing the alligator in public. Thorn previously took Rambo to educational and charity events to teach children about the animals. "They could have a gator that they can come up to and touch and feel so they don't do it in the wild and they don't break the law," Thorn told WFTS-TV.

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